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conversation. this week a discussion with ken burns on the american spirit in hard times. his new documentary called "the dust bowl" tells the story about one of the worst man made ecological disasters in history. i want to start with politics. you spent so much time in the nation's past. there is a lot at stake. the reluctance on the part of the leaders to say the american people. >> a lot of it is for the last 30 years we changed the dialogue from not my version of government is better than yours to the belief government isn't right. the person who believes the government is a workable instrument as to fight to a resistant to that. during the depression and the dust bowl during the second world war and other periods we have had a sense of shared sacrifice to get things done that democracy is the politics of the half love. not everybody gets everything. when we realize we are going to have to give it up it is given up in the back roomgz i think this take no prisoners my way or the highway attitude shows an incredible lack of the awareness of what it means to govern in the united states. >> a
-to-back triple-digit gains. stand by. earnings from oracle and a full hour with the great ken langone in the second hour of the "closing bell." i'll see you tomorrow. >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange. markets closing higher on optimism that lawmakers may be close to a deal on the fiscal cliff. wall street, triple-digit gain, up 120 point on the industrial average. banks in the lead, 13,353. last trade in the dow jones industrial average on volume which was modest. nasdaq composite up and 3053 and the s&p 500 picks up 16 points, better than 1% on the standard & poor's at 1446. markets continuing higher at the close. are there more gains ahead? we bring in right now liz ann sanders from charles schwab and alan gael and eric steuben from russell investment, darryl pearl from epoch investments standing by who will give us a reaction to the oracle earnings once those numbers cross the wires. they should be coming out momentarily. here's the number to look for, 61
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channel 2 news at 6:00 i'm jane katsuyama in for heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. a series of powerful storms slams the bay area. we're on storm watch with team coverage and we begin with ken pritchett with how wind affected people's plans today. >> reporter: ken, about half an hour ago it was a foggy drive over the bay bridge. right now it's as clear as it can be and that is how quickly things have changed. earlier this afternoon wind advisories for bay area bridges and the windiest we found was this morning in pacifica. with winds this strong, and waves this high, there was little doubt that the pacifica pier would be closed. >> i think the mayan apocalypse is running a few days late. >> reporter: we're told that the waves crashed he over the pier. >> it's so windy. >> elsewhere this storm led to localized flooding in scattered parts of the bay area. despite the mess, the constant rain, and wind, people braved the storm in union square. >> the flags are whipping. it's crazy loud. >> carrie keyes was one of many people who battled the wind to keep their umbrellas upright and righ
tail of road rage in australia. a guy named ken driving along and gets completely tormented by a guy in a black truck. ken was afraid for his life. he called 000, which is australia's version of 911. >> you better get someone here this dude is crazy. >> the truck backed straight up into ken's vehicle. the guy jumps on ken's hood, breaks his windshield with his hands. he goes straight to the windshield. the last he saw he was bang ongoing his hood. the guy turned himself into police but he's kind of saying he's the victim. >> what happened out there on the road? >> you'll find out when we -- >> you get a video and has everything. >> tell us what happened. >> so this guy who is possibly the guy in that video is saying that's not really what happened? >> we see the incident. i don't know how you can refute that. another victim has come forward saying she dealt with the exact same guy. >> he should not be on the road at all. >> ken, the guy who was initially antagonized by this guy, he's a former police officer himself. he says he's dealt with a number of road rage incidents but never se
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. is that true? >> that's right. >> well, i... the day you came, i had ken meares here, who's with us tonight. let's welcome ken meares. we also have dr. downey with us tonight, uh, dr. john downey, he's from here in augusta, georgia... and, so, we got, we have everybody here tonight, to cover this whole thing. but you said, "i'm gonna bring ken meares here," and we sat here that afternoon and one of our girls was having pain-- i'm not gonna tell you what kind of pain she was having-- she was having pain... >> yeah. >> and she just was gonna go home because she didn't feel good, and so we took one of the little pills out of here and gave it to her and she said, "i feel better." >> right. >> does it really work like that? >> sometimes it does. sometimes it takes a little bit longer, but we've had people get response with shoulder pain, for example, within three hours. but, in my situation, i had... >> tell me about you. >> well... and that's how i found out about it. uh, i had what is called a morton's neuroma in my right foot. i had great pain, i could not wear normal shoes, i had to buy the
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the broadcast tower has been vandalized and the owners think they are being targeted. ktvu's ken pritchett is live to explain why. ken? >> reporter: one reason they feel like they are targeted is because this transmitter is on private property. it is hard to get to. this happened last week and it may knock the station off the air for a month. >> reporter: it is the kind of place where they still spin records. the music is playing but not over the air. >> internet. since our recent vandalism. >> reporter: it was to this wooden shed. to get here you have to drive a bumpy dirt road. he took us on the drive to the mountain top. >> this is what they did the first time. >> reporter: two times since august they broke through this door. david put on an alarm so this time they found another way. >> they took a drill. >> then it appear this used a saw and went -- appears they used a saw and went through. once inside the mystery begins. they left behind valuable radio equipment but they took two devices that charge charge the badries -- that charge the batteries. he is not sure how they got up here b
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present. neil: john tobacco thank you very much. >> you know if only we it ken fienberg in charge of doling out the money. he is the guy who helped with bp oil spill. and so much help, this stuff is not easy, it is not science. but ken tried it make it fair, and doubly shore that those who needed the money got the money. ken is joining me now on the phone. ken, here is what worries me with money that governor cuomo is asking for, and governor christie of new jersey is figure for, they will likely get it, but there is no guarantee that folks who need it will get it. >> you have to make sure that money doled out goes to the right people in a tamely fashion -- timely fashion, the way that programs work, as you know, from covering 9/11 and bp. fast, without restricttion and used to ground the way it is supposed to be used. if there are administrative prove lem, then they have to be more efficient. it is that simple. neil: but it seems to be for others who tried to do, what you dwell, that well is a long lag. for those affected, without a house, a few weeks is a long lag, in the scheme
damage is being doing. john king, ken rogoff and diane swan, chief economist at mezaro financial. john, right now, this is more politics than the economy. some people are saying don't sweat it. the threat of going over the fiscal cliff is overblown. it will get done. an 11th hour deal. john, as you read the politics at play, what do you see? >> i see both sides digging in. you've just played the president saying i want that rate hike. the republicans are saying mr. president, we'll give you the revenues, but not through a rate hike, but the president believes he won the election and he's upped the ante. says he wants twice as much in tax revenues than a year and a half ago, so the president believes he has the higher ground. i think maybe the democrats have a deeper trench, if you will. they have public on their side. but if you talk to people in washington, there's still this sense that at a last minute, reason will prevail, but there's not a lot of optimism. you know this and my colleagues know this, more and more people are talking about the threat. not only if you don't deal with t
fund billionaire ken griffen of citadel bought 1.6 million shares in that stock. would you buy that stock? it actually had a really interesting day. it basically opened up and closed on the high. the thing i like most about this company---the one thing i don't like about this company---you would think when home sales are doing better, when consumer confidence is getting better than expected, people are starting to spend money, buy houses, construction sales are better than expected.this stock would be going from the bottom left to the top right. it's going the opposite way. it looks like its headed lower, however, short interest is 91 percent. i think i get on everytime we have short interest. last week we talked about green mountain coffee and if green mountain can get through 32. that could get to 40 so the shorts got roasted in green mountain. the shorts are getting roasted in zillow. it has a 52 week low of 21 dollars. two easy ways i would play it. if i wanted to play to the long side i would put a stop under friday's low which is 26 dollars. if i wanted to hold it a littl
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evening, i'm ken >>> we have breaking news tonight. a california couple missing for days has just been found. good evening i'm ken bastida. does and i'm dana king. the couple have been missing since last week's storm. they were found in the snow. roderick and his girlfriend paula lain were last seen at this 7-eleven before leaving for nevada. 15 minutes ago we learned that a relative who was looking for the couple found paula. she was found crawling in the snow. tonight she is in the hospital. the condition of her boyfriend is not yet known. it appears the couple got snuck in the snow and roderick throat get help. he never returned to the car. investigators spoke just a few minutes ago. >> they may have been sightseeing and got stuck in the snow. reports are that they may have stayed in the vehicle for at least one night. roderick left the vehicle to seek help. when he did not return paula left to seek help. >> paula is in stable condition with mild frostbite. no official word yet about what happened to her boyfriend. >> developing news tonight. silicon valley tycoon john mcafee is und
of tollbooth robberies. ktvu's ken pritchett joins us live from the carquinez bridge toll plaza on why the crime had a pay out. ken? >> reporter: there have been 10 robberies of toll workers here at this toll plaza at the carquinez bridge toll plaza in the past year and the chp says those responsible did not get away with much. >> reporter: it was happening once a month, a tollbooth worker forced to give it up, sometimes at gun point. and now the chp had a break in the case. >> pleased to announce the arrest of three suspects on robberies on the carquinez bridge toll plaza. >> reporter: the chp arrested robert larry white, christopher lee miller, david joseph morales. >> they would approach the toll plaza and demand money. and they would flee on interstate 80. >> reporter: he says surveillance cameras captured the license places but -- plates but the cars were stolen. the robberies -- >> approximately looking like 5- $6,000. >> reporter: the chp says based on the investigation the suspects, the three men, are responsible for 3-10 robberies here at the carquinez bridge toll plaza. and m
goodbye, ken? >> what you don't know is ken and i share this tiny little office that is about the size of a closet. we call it the dorm room. and we've had an office together -- >> none of those sculptures are in the office. >> and that wasn't ken that was my model. [ laughter ] >> it's going to be hard to carry on without you. >> are you reading that? [ laughter ] >> no. i don't k there will ever be a replacement for dana king. >> there will be. there's another woman out there. we've been together since 2001 as a team. >> we'll talk a little bit about that coming up on cbs 5 at 11:00. we want to go over your career a little bit because it's fascinating the amount of travel you did for the station and the places you went and the stories you gave us were really keynote stories of the day. and i remember specifically the way that we started working together, that was september 11th, 2001. the day that most americans will not forget. and that's the day that they kind of threw you and i together. we worked at the same station but never together on the air. and we did. and that was an am
the mysterious lights above the bay area. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. another pipe bomb found in the hills. the question on everyones minds, are there anymore out there? >> reporter: for the second time since friday, a bomb squad detonated an explosive device found near a school campus in pleasant hill. someone noticed the part-time bomb in the bushes outside pleasant hill elementary. >> it looked like it was lit, but did not go off. it didn't detonate. >> reporter: the discovery came three days after a group of five area teenagers were detained, accused of setting off a mailbox bomb on friday night and planning another at a nearby high school. the bomb squads had to detonate that one too and they found a third bomb in the car that the teens were driving. neighbors say they could hear the explosions for miles. >> i can't remember being in bed with that mere. if something blows up, it'll be the gunshots. >> reporter: it's unclear if this is the work of the same teen. >> we're looking into that. >> reporter: the teens claim the bombs they were arrested with were the only o
at california beaches. hundreds upon hundreds of squid. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. now, they washed up all of a sudden, along a 12-mile stretch of beach. cbs 5 reporter kiet do on the theory about where all that squid came from and how people have been out there trying to save them. >> reporter: the beaches of santa cruz county are littered with the carcasses of thousands of squid. they've stranded themselves in a span of 12 miles. >> you see them essentially killing themselves and it's just really weird to see it. >> reporter: it happened yesterday during high tide. some people actually tried to put them back in the water. but researcher hannah says the deep-water creatures just swam back to shore. >> it might be that they don't understand what's going on around them and they don't realize, if they swim toward the shore, they're gonna run out of water eventually. >> reporter: they're juveniles, both male and female. a few had also cannibalized each other, which is normal. to be honest, researchers have no idea why this is happening but they think it's because the
'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. an east bay business is in ruins tonight after a fire so intense, even firefighters had to back off. that fire sent up a giant plume of black smoke. a viewer sent us these photos of the flames shooting through the roof of c&h enterprises in fremont. now, they were taken from a business just across the way on boggs terrace. cbs 5 reporter mark sayre is there, and the firefight is still going on. mark? >> reporter: and ken, investigators plan to return here in the morning to try to pinpoint the exact cause of this fire, which could be seen throughout fremont. tonight, the fire is still smoldering c&h enterprises building. fire officials say a grinding operation involving metal shavings was underway at the time the fire broke out. employees ran for safety. >> jay came running into the office. i could see the smoke billowing over the roof to the front, and he said, call 911, we have a fire! and it just started getting worse after that. >> did everyone get out? >> everyone got out and everybody is safe. >> reporter: the first 911 calls came in around 1:
even featured his second- chance story. ken was paroled and spend the last two decades waiting for today, a pardon from the governor, years after he first asked. the state who locked him up officially forgave him for his crimes. >> to finally have some closure to a long story that, you know, i did something dumb when i was younger. >> reporter: today, ken is older, wiser and engaged. he volunteers as area schools and competes in bodybuilding events with his fiance. >> he set such an excellent role model for me and i love him for that. >> reporter: both are celebrating the christmas pardon, a priceless acknowledgment, not of the man he was, but the one he's become. >> it's not the end of continuing to do what's right and to give back. and to continue to try to live your life, you know, in a positive manner. >> reporter: ken didn't know about the pardon until we called him today to ask about doing a story. the governor's office said they will notify the 79 who were pardoned in the next week or so. >>> we reached one of the former inmates paroled right here in the bay area. he had
p.m. >> good evening. i am ken wayne. >> i am maureen naylor. >> in an hour a church is set to hold its first services since a shooting on christmas eve. a mother attending the service was wounded shielding her children. ktvu's eric rasmussen talked to her today about what doctors are saying. >> reporter: it was a close call but she is expected to make a full recovery. this woman felt no pain when she was shot. we talked to her in the hospital. she was among 100 people who were at that christmas eve service when several butts came through the -- bullets came through the walls. her first instinct was to protect her children. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: in spanish she said when i saw the bullet i threw myself over them so it might hit me and not them. she showed us where she was shot. doctors told her the doctors narrowly missed her heart. after three surgeries she is doing well and thanks god she is alive. police say a 17-year-old was also shot outside the church. he is expected to make a full recovery. police are still looking for the shooters and the church does not
that threat was credible and serious. >> our ken molestina has been following the details live at laurel high school with wh authorities are saying about all this. ken? >> reporter: here's what they're saying. of course, this does involve a teen student here at laurel high school. he's a teen, a juvenile, so police are not releasing much information by way of his identity. they're doing a good job of keeping tight-lipped about that. however, here's what they do say. they say the allegations we're talking about are very real. students and the parents and staff here are breathing a sigh of relief after authorities believe could have been a tragic event at the school. >> wanted to harm people, possibly shoot and do some other harm to folks. there were some lists, diagrams, charts, things like that. so that really gave some credibility to the seriousness of this situation. >> reporter: city of laurel spokesman says the unidentified student was located by police on monday. he wasn't at school but shortly after police caught up with him, he was taken to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluations
continues to put up emotions. in protest of the nra and current gun laws. ken molestina is in columbia heights where the demonstrators are gathering. >> reporter: they gathered here attive lee park on 14th and park in columbia heights. the message following that massacre? sandy hook pretty simple. they want guns in the country to go away. also the group is protesting the nra's recent remarks calling for armed guards and police at every school in the nation. they hope this rally tonight will get the attention of lawmakers to restrict gun ownership in this country. the nra of course is the nation's largest gun lobby with extreme influence and deep pockets and although this peals in comparison the demonstrators hope to keep an already fiery debate going. >> opposition to the national rifle association's press conference yesterday we absolutely do not believe this is the solution to the problem which exists. and that we need to move forward. come up with serious plans to change this. >> reporter: yeah, these demonstrators received a police escort as i mentioned earlier. they marched down 1
. >> one congressman is taking aim at verizon wireless. our ken molestina is live with concerns that have caught the attentions of federal investigators. ken. >> congressman gerry connolly of virginia spoke candidly today about what he described as a sub-par 911 call routing system run by verizon. now he is the one making the call to the fcc and he wants some change. >> i guess i would give it a d. >> reporter: virginia congressman gerry connolly is slamming verizon wireless. the company is contracted to route 911 calls throughout most of the washington area. according to him they have fallen short. >> the whole purpose of having 911 is when you need it, it works. >> reporter: he cites recent weather events that have knocked out the system as examples of where they've failed. during the 2010-11 winter several storms like snowmageddon interrupted service. more recently this summers deer re summers derecho did the same thing. now he and others are behind a push to verizon to improve their service or face scrutiny. >> if verizon can't be counted on to do that voluntarily then we need the fcc
, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> i am ken wayne. >> i am heather holmes. >> the third in a series of storms to hit the bay area blew through this morning. this is what it looked like in richmond. and when the clouds broke all the damage became clear. they spotted a vinnier completely under water. -- vineyard completely under water. we have complete team coverage throughout the bay area. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in napa where the flood warning was canceled. >> reporter: napa city officials expect the napa river in downtown to crest within the hour. it was thought the napa river downtown might exceed flood state but it will fall smart of the mark. -- fall short of the mark but it did see areas of flooding. >> this is the pope street bridge. a historic spot and a spot for locals to watch the rain swollen napa river. >> i think it will flow out nicely and we will be fine by this afternoon. >> reporter: confident it wouldn't happen today but a few miles north the napa river did. >> flooded. pretty flooded coming down deer park, where the peach trees trees are. >> reporter: the napa
executive rushern baker and howard county executive ken olman faced off last night on fox 5. stay with us. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! >>> taking a live look outside from our tower cam. you can see the shot of washington, d.c. it is a chilly start to your day. cold, some might call it. this is the day we wait for every year, a big day for us when we invite you to join us for our annual stuff a truck food drive. we are teaming up at the capital area toad bank to help fill trucks with lots of food and help local families in need. >> you can drop off donations at the following giant food stores listed on your screen. twelve other giant stores will be
explanation. i want to bring in the rest of our panel. ken rogoff, harvard university, former chief economist at the international monetary fund, annie lowry an economic policy reporter for "the new york times." steven moore, editorial writer for "the wall street journal." ken, you tear financial crisis guru here. forget the politics. just give us the math. if washington fails to avert the cliff, the worst-case scenario will be the combination of tax hikes and spending cuts. what does that do to our economy? >> well, if they don't come to a deal and then sit there all next year and don't come to a deal, we will go back into recession. it will be very, very ugly. and the united states is one of the few bright spots in the world and it will be ugly to have the whole world go into recession. but i don't think that's likely. i think if we pass for a month then they'll eventually pass something. but it shows the dysfunction in washington of not being able to pass anything. by the way, ali, the debt ceiling's coming up. they're not agreeing on that. so even if they agree on this, then in a month or
if the clerk's office to hope so fill out a marriage license. ken was the first in line. >> this is my marriage license and my fiance are here and it is all official, which is great. and it is suitable for framing. this is exciting. this is a piece of history. >> following a moan nentose challenge to get a bill recognizing same-sex marriage, they successfully petitions the bill on the ballot where voters approved it. the licenses couldn't be given out until the governor made it official. he was part messenger, part facilitater. >> i showed the picture to the clerk but the clerk looked online and saw the formal document. >> the state made slight changes and in january when these licenses become valid the courthouse chapel will ring them in. >> will you so and so take so and so for your lawfully wedded spouse? >> ken and her spouse is waiting to ring in their wedding ceremony they thought without take a lifetime to do. >> i never thought i would be able to marry the person i love. it is earth moving, it really is. >> we made calls to clerk's office and those who got back to us only 15 same-sex li
santa clara stadium. mobile5 is live next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, this afternoon. ken bastida is live with moe 5 to explain. ken? >>> it's still far from finished but the 49er new stadium in santa clara hit a high point this afternoon. ken bastida live with mobile5 to show us. >> reporter: a real milestone, allen. you know, this stadium has been under construction for about 7 months now. believe it or not, it's about 30% finished. 16,000 steel beams put in place already. but none more important than the two that went up today. this is about 500 construction workers who showed up today to sign two special beams painted gold that were put atop this structure. they were put in place this afternoon. and the santa clara mayor jamie matthews told us that they had something special at the top as well a christmas tree and a very interesting american flag. >> the topping off ceremony will include a small christmas tree on top and i think that's so appropriate. i know that i feel just a great amount of patriotism when i see the american flag here. with all these american steelworkers with all this america
are under arrest. ktvu's ken pritchett is live with the slow steady case that came together for investigators. ken? >> reporter: the chp says it happened this way, a car pulls up, it would stop, someone would get out and threaten the toll both worker. that happened 10 times at this toll lawser in the last -- plaza in the last year. at the carquinez bridge toll plaza with armed robbers hit the location repeatedly. >> they were hard to identify. >> reporter: he says three men have now been identified and arrested. robert larry white, christopher lee miller, david joseph morales. the chp believes they are responsible for 3-10 robberies here at the carquinez bridge toll plaza. the investigation was difficult because they used stolen cars. investigators had help from the police department in finding suspects through the use of record checks on traffic stops. and a series of car burglaries led the sherriff's department to issue search warrants on suspects. evidence found in those homes was linked to the robberies. >> during our search warrants, we found evidence linking them to se
are better than this. hope you're listening. >>> coming up in 30 minutes here, i'm going to talk to ken trump. he says calls for arming teachers, making kids wear bulletproof backpacks, and teaching kids to attacked armed intruders is borderline insane. that's at 7:30 eastern right here on cnn. >>> is congress ready to do a thelma and louise and plunge over the fiscal cliff? some lawmakers sounded gloomy about any chances for a compromise deal. >> passing pln b would not have changed the outcome. we would have gone over the cliff before, we will go over the cliff now because it's what the president wants. you can't negotiate with someone who does not want to negotiate. >> in the aftermath of the house republicans rejecting speaker boehner aers so-called plan "b," it's the first time i feel like we will more likely go over the cliff than not, and if we allow that to happen, it will be the most colossal consequential act of congressional irresponsibility in a long time, maybe ever in american history. >> nine days remain to get a deal done. lawmakers are home for the holidays. house speaker boe
political analyst karen finney and also senior fellow at the research council ken blackwell. good afternoon to both of you. >> good afternoon. >> ken, let me start with you. do you believe these negotiat n negotiations are at a stalemate or is this just some made for tv drama? >> i think it's made for tv drama and both sides are playing the clock and it's like, unfortunately, it's like a big nfl football game where serious football gets played in the last two minutes. and that's, that's unfortunate because i don't believe at the end of the day they're going to be able to avoid the framework of sampson bowles. a person that does not advocate we raise taxes when we have this economic sluggishness. but at the end of the day, i think the framework is going to be the package that both sides will settle on because it will not only slightly raise taxes on those making 250 or $500,000, but it will, it will have a ratio of spending cuts to tax increase. >> karen, president obama took his message on the campaign trail, if you will, friday. clearly a different strategy from last year's debt ceiling t
in infrastructure. that's the subject of discussion i recently had with harvard professor ken rowback, "wall street journal" editorial writer steve moore and chrystia free land. i asked ken how you convince lawmakers that infrastructure money is well spent and how do you ensure that the money is, in fact, well spent? >> i think you have to have firm regulatory oversight. it's not something you can just spend the money and walk away from. but there are the electricity grid, water, aging bridges. there's so many things hardening our cyber infrastructure against terrorist attacks and such. many, many things. elt doesn't have to be public money. there's no reason we have to be so statused about this that we can't have more private money. we have telephone companies, cable companies, we did the railroads that way. it doesn't all have to be public money. >> steven is nodding his head vigorously. you're going to disagree with the assertion that government can be helpful. a new analogy. that government can be helpful other than by getting out of the way. i think you'll suggest lower taxes, lower spending,
each for each speaker. alan valenski, mary conra, andrew bennett, robert powell, joanne desmond. ken bessi. before the public commenters begin, i believe there is one more person that, supervisor mar, you wanted to invite up. >> yes, nick kenzi alerted me the professor who did the report is present. we wanted him to elaborate on a few points earlier made on the economic of the lands to san francisco's economy. and professor patrick turney is from san francisco state's department of recreation parks and tourism. but thank you so much for being here. >> this is to report on the economic study? given that you're not city staff, we'll have to give you two minutes and we'll ask follow-up questions. >>> okay. good afternoon. i quickly wanted to go over two key points about the economic impact study. first of all, it was done using two primary means of data collection. one is on-site validation survey with 22 1 completed interviews. the other was a post event online survey that had 35 51 completed responses. * we use a very conservative approach on this analysis. we excluded that is, we did
sex marriages will remain on hold until this case is finally settled by the supreme court. >>> ken, folks there i'm sure cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: yeah, allen. you would expect in the gay friendly district people would be overwhelmingly glad and approving the fact that the united states supreme court is going to take a look at this. in fact, we found a little bit of anxiety out there. there is a chance it could goer to way. our photojournalist took time to walk the neighborhood and spoke with people about this issue >> they're going to strike it down. that's wrong. >> it's been a fight for years and years going back and forth. hopefully some day everybody will be equal. we won't have to worry about this anymore. >> it seems kind of ridiculous to me that nine people are going to decide what's best for my partner and me. >> you mentioned the 4,000 couples that got married in san francisco, allen. it was interesting because we ran into one of those guys. he said yeah, i have the right to get married and i have the right to get divorced and i should be able to do that again,
it means for our state. we begin with mike in san francisco. >> ken, if the supreme court had denied review, same sex couples would be getting married here as early as next week. we know that's not the case because the supreme court has said they will hear arguments. >> today at city hall t confidence level of all of us is high. >> city attorney who joinsed the battle against prop eight said he's excited about the challenge. >> come summertime we're l we'll be on the right side of history. >> supporters say the court order gives them a chance at a fair hearing. >> these bad judges in california, they have to be overruled and corrected and i'm very pleased what the supreme court has said that they'll take the face the high court's announcement comes at a time when the public opinion appears to be changing. after the election, nine states have authorized same sex marriage. still at issue are benefits but the supreme court says they will also determine whether the government can deny benefits they took a federal case and a state case, it's going to be the big constitutional questio
, tom borden, ken mcgary, may wo ng and roland labron. but any other member of the public who would like to speak on this item please come forward. again, this is on item number ten. are the folks who signed the speaker cards please come up? >> go ahead, sir. >> hi, i'm tom borden and i am with sf urban riders and another group whose name shall not be mentioned but i just wanted to review some history on the park. and basically my premise is that mancel is a bright that has been on the park by the transit planners and this has been realized since the first master plan was put together in 1983 and a lot of things have changed over the course of these master plans in the 1983 master plan, they said that mancell something had to be done about mancel and the plan proposed dropping it down on the north side of the ridge, and that did not seem too workable. and then in the 1985 master plan, they decided to close mancell from the two ends of shelly and force people to drive around that horse shoe of shelly to get around the park and that was dropped. in 1989 they gave up fixing mancell and in 1
of what's happening in the community right now. >> hi gasia and ken. >> reporter: it's definitely a somber mood right now. if you don't know newtown is about an hour away from new york city. and to paint the picture here i mean it's an idealic town. behind me is trees. it's like being in a little utopia. driving in here, it's a scenic scene with nobody on the roads except media. we passed by a church where there's a vigil right now. it's eerie, somber. lots of parents talking about the shock and the horrificness about this event. >> reporter: can you tell us in your talking with parents and community members here, we've heard expressions of rage, of grief, sorrow, disbelief what are you getting when you talk to people there in newtown? >> well you know it's really, it's really about -- an unspeakable, unspeakable emotion that's happening. you think about not just the parents but the entire community and you look at a town like this which is pretty much storybookville. you can't even fathom anything happening like this. in a place like this. >> reporter: reporter maribel abel there thank yo
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